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Survivor Voices - Living Memory Video Testimonies

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Preserve and publish digital first-person, local Holocaust survivor testimonies for future generations.

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What are you going to do?

Time is running out
to document and preserve
the testimonies of local Holocaust survivors.

These stories personalize the intangibility of six million,
assuring that the voices of local survivors will be heard when
they can no longer speak for themselves.

Survivor Voices
- Living Memory Video Testimonies
first-person, local survivor testimonies for future generations.

The Center weaves together these precious life stories with features including
video testimonies, biographies, archival photographs, maps, and personal
Holocaust timelines. Portions of the testimonies will be published online,
and complete testimonies will be preserved in the Center's archives.

Researching, documenting, filming, preserving, and publishing one survivor testimony costs the Center $3,000. Our goal through this project is to publish 6 new testimonies, for a total cost of $18,000. View existing local survivor testimonies by clicking the video sample above.

Dee Simon
Executive Director
Don Porter
Laurie Warshal Cohen
Editor & Interviews
Ilana Kennedy
Director of Education
Mark Mulder
Roberta Hyman

About Dee Simon

Dee was a member of our Centers board for 12 years before becoming the Co-Executive Director and the Executive Director in 2012. She has extensive business and management experience and is serving her second term on the board of the international Association of Holocaust Organizations. 

About Don Porter

Don Porter was news anchor for King TV from 1997-1998. Currently, Don serves as Senior Communications Consultant and Video Producer for the University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory. He directed the Holocaust Center's film "With My Own Eyes," Holocaust survivor testimonies, and has worked with the Holocaust Center to create 5 outreach and promotional short films.

About Laurie Warshal Cohen

Laurie earned an Ed.D. in educational leadership from Seattle University, and was a professor at Seattle Central Community College where she taught the Holocaust. Laurie joined the staff at the Holocaust Center in 2003, first as Co-Executive Director then Special Projects in 2012.

About Ilana Kennedy

Ilana has been with the center 10 years as DIrector of Education, consistently growing the Center's educational programs and outreach, now extending to 40,000 students and community groups. Ilana earned a Masters degree in Jewish Studies and Comparative Religion from the University of Connecticut, and pursued Post-Graduate studies at the University of Washington. Ilana received the Pamela Waechter Jewish Communal Professional Award from the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.

About Mark Mulder

Mark is a Museology graduate student at the University of Washington and has interned with the Holocaust Center for 3 years. 

About Roberta Hyman

Roberta Hyman has worked for the Holocaust Center for 16 years as archivist. Prior to that, she served as conservator at the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Baltimore. A working artist, Roberta earned a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.