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Israel Matters

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Inspire, educate and empower pro-Israel students at the UW and other schools in the PNW, countering anti-Israel Hate Walls on campus.

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What are you going to do?

Imagine being in college, building the foundation for your adult life, and being afraid to be openly pro-Israel. Too many Jewish and pro-Israel students face this experience regularly on their campuses. 

Who Are We?

StandWithUs is an Israel education and advocacy organization. StandWithUs Northwest is our regional office. We focus on local issues and education, working together with local pro-Israel organizations to improve our Northwest community.

What Do We Do?

We counter anti-Israel misinformation and lies with facts and a positive presentation of the Israel we know and love. We work on campuses, high schools and in the community to educate. We bring Israel to the Northwest with our Shaliach Program (our current Israeli representative has spoken to over 17,000 students since January 2013) and by bringing speakers, Israeli artists, performers and academics to the Northwest.

What Is the Need?

Throughout the country, anti-Israel student groups on campuses put up an imposing “Wall” covered with misinformation vilifying Israel and those students who support Israel. See the picture of the “Apartheid Wall” on a campus. Pro-Israel and Jewish students are often unprepared to respond, and feel intimidated by the aggressive behavior of the anti-Israel student activists.