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The Shabbos Project

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Together the Seattle Jewish Community will participate in The International Shabbos Project "from sundown to stars out" October 24/25 2014.

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What are you going to do?

A wildly successful pilot run of the Shabbos Project in South Africa has laid the foundation for a global effort this year.  On the Shabbat of October 24/25, 2014, the Seattle Jewish Community together, will join Jews around the world in observing and celebrating a Shabbat together "from sundown to stars out."

Our goal for the International Shabbos project is simple: To bring Jews from Greater Seattle together, regardless of denomination, shul, school, or neighborhood, to observe Shabbat, something all Jews can share together. 

In order for the Seattle Shabbos Project to be successful and participate in the International Shabbos Project, as well as make it accessible for all, we need funds to help. Help by:

  • Creating  "Shabbat Kits" that contain everything a family will need to observe Shabbat, for example candles, kiddish cup, wine, shabbat guide, etc 
  • Support a community wide Challah Bake, by providing ingredients and utensils.
  • Helping hosts with Shabbat meals when hosting multiple families.
  • and getting the word out though various forms of media.
Please join in with the global Jewish Community celebrating one complete Shabbat together!

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The Shabbos Project Manifesto:

  1. Together we will keep the Shabbat of 24/25 October from sundown to stars out.
  2. We will keep it in its entirety. In all of its detail and splendour as it has been kept throughout the ages.
  3. Its rhythm will unite us with each other, with Jews around the world and throughout the ages.
  4. On this day we will create a warm and loving space, holding our families together.
  5. On this day we will lay down the burdens, distractions, demands and pressures of daily life.
  6. On this day we will renew ourselves, emerging spiritually, emotionally and physically invigorated.
  7. On this day we will own our precious heritage, wearing it as a badge of pride and honour.
  8. Together we embark on this great adventure to rediscover our G-d-given gift of Shabbat.