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Pro-Israel Ad Campaign

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Run a proactive, positive pro-Israel ad campaign to counter a long-running anti-Israel bus ad, billboard and newspaper marketing campaign.

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What are you going to do?

StandWithUs Northwest is starting a Pro-Israel ad campaign to counter anti-Israel marketing campaigns that continue in Seattle and throughout the Puget Sound. Our ads will share positive information and images of Israel - Israel’s diversity, its achievements, and its desire for peace. 

Who Are We?

StandWithUs is an Israel education and advocacy organization. StandWithUs Northwest is our regional office based in Seattle. We focus on local issues and education.

What Do We Do?

We counter anti-Israel misinformation and lies with facts and a positive presentation of the Israel we know and love. We work on campuses, high schools and in our communities to educate. We bring Israel to our communities with our Shaliach Program (our most recent Israeli representative spoke to almost 40,000 students and community members between January 2013 and June 2014) and by bringing speakers, Israeli artists, performers and academics to the Northwest.

What Is the Need?

Four years ago, anti-Israel groups in the Seattle area contracted with Metro to run an anti-Israel marketing campaign on Metro buses. The proposed ads falsely claimed Israel was committing war crimes and that the U.S. government was giving Israel $30 billion.

The ads contained the address for a website that claimed that Israel is an apartheid state, committing genocide as part of a 60-year ethnic cleansing policy and is “the worst violator of human rights in the history of the world.”

Horrific allegations that defamed both Israel and, indirectly, our Jewish community.

Our Jewish community organizations, working together, convinced Metro that the ads were false and potentially threatened our community. Metro cancelled the anti-Israel bus ad campaign.

Within months, the same anti-Israel groups contracted for billboard advertisements on major thoroughfares in leading in and out of Seattle. Again, these ads made false allegations against Israel and contained the address to same anti-Israel website that made outrageous false claims against Israel.

StandWithUs complained to the billboard company that, though the billboard content might meet the company’s community standards, the website that was promoted on the billboards certainly did not.

Within days, the billboard company took down the anti-Israel billboards.

Since then, the same anti-Israel groups have regularly run false and misleading ads in The Seattle Weekly and The Stranger. They’ve also run a series of bus ads that present Palestinians as mistreated victims.

The following video shows a few of the many anti-Israel ads that have been displayed in Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia.

Why is this bad?

Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, wrote, “If you tell the big lie often enough, eventually it becomes someone’s truth.”

As any political marketing professional knows, you sell a perspective on issue by repeatedly exposing your message to your target audience. If your audience sees the advertisement enough, some of them will eventually beleive it. You can even convince someone that a lie is the truth.

Repeated exposure to these misleading ads will get many Seattle community members to believe that Israel is the horrific country that the anti-Israel groups falsely present.

This is just plain wrong. And we cannot let this happen without presenting the real image of Israel and the conflict.

Otherwise, the more and more people here will see Israel and the Puget Sound Jews who support Israel as guilty of or as supporting the horrors Israel is falsely accused of committing. And that will make our community less safe, less welcoming, less tolerant that it is.

What do we want to do?

StandWithUs Northwest wants to run a positive pro-Israel pilot marketing campaign to “inoculate” our community against these anti-Israel ads and anti-Israel programs, speakers, events, etc., that take place regularly in the Puget Sound area.

For a few months, we want to run ads on the inside of buses in Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia that focus on the incredible positives of Israel and Israelis, showing Israel as the it is - a vital addition to modern life and technology, a vibrant democracy that provides all its citizens equal rights under the law.

Why inside the buses? Because, at a relatively low cost, we can put up ads that are not simply slogans and that are read and viewed by riders.

By running positive, pro-Israel ads that engage the rider, we hope to help “inoculate” our community from the ugly, false and misleading anti-Israel ad campaigns without trying to counter these ads point-by-point.

Here is just one example. Click on it to be able to see it enlarged enough to read it.

What would your donation cover?

$36 buys: Ads in 2 buses for one month
$72 buys: Ads in 4 buses for one month
$108 buys: Ads in 6 buses for one month
$250 buys: Ads in 12 buses for one month
$500 buys: Ads in 24 buses for one month
$1,000 buys: Ads in 48 buses for one month

Thank you for your support!