Welcome to J-Kick®, the crowdfunding site for Washington State's Jewish community.

What is J-Kick®?

J-Kick is the crowdfunding platform for Washington State’s Jewish community where you can post exciting and innovative new projects for donors to fund. The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle is operating J-Kick as a service to the community. Start-up funding for J-Kick was graciously provided by Susan & Jeffrey Brotman.

Who can use J-Kick?

J-Kick is open to 501(c)(3) organizations or individuals or organizations who have a 501(c)(3) organization as their fiscal sponsor. The organization does not have to be a Jewish organization but it cannot have a mission that conflicts with the mission of JFGS.

What projects are eligible for J-Kick?

Projects must serve the Jewish community in Washington State* and have a fundraising goal ranging from $500 to $18,000. Projects cannot be in consideration for any other JFGS grant at the same time that they are listed on J-Kick.

*JFGS may make exceptions for projects that serve an emergent need in other parts of the United States or worldwide.

When can I post a project on J-Kick?

Projects are posted in slates to ensure there is a 'critical mass' that is crucial for crowdfunding success. Our most recent project slate was posted during the summer of 2014. If you have questions about posting a project, please contact Aimee Finn at jkick@jewishinseattle.org.

Must my project fall within one of JFGS’ Impact or Priority areas?

No, your project does not have to fit within JFGS’ standard funding model. J-Kick was conceived in part to provide an alternative fundraising avenue for projects that might not be a close fit with Impact or Priority Areas.

Can a project be posted on J-Kick and simultaneously be under consideration for the Community Campaign grant, Ignition grant or Women Endowment Fund grant?

No. Projects posted on J-Kick cannot be in consideration for any other JFGS grant at the same time. A project may be posted on J-Kick after going through a JFGS granting process. Likewise, a project may be posted on J-Kick before being submitted for a JFGS grant. The project, however, must have closed out its J-Kick listing (the campaign must be completed) before it is eligible for consideration for PAC or other Federation grants.

How much will I pay to list a project on J-Kick?

Organizations that list a J-Kick project pay fees totaling about 6.5% of funds raised, which covers credit card processing and the service provider’s fee for the crowdfunding platform.  At this time, the Jewish Federation is not charging any administrative fees to organizations participating in J-Kick as the result of a generous grant provided by Susan & Jeffrey Brotman.

How can I be successful at raising money on J-Kick?

Successful crowdfunding is all about engaging your community. You will make your fundraising goal through many small donations, so marketing and communication with your organization’s friends and supporters is essential for success. Have a solid plan to use photos and video, email and social media to promote your project and drive supporters to your listing on J-Kick®. Please see www.jewishinseattle.org/jkick for links to crowdfunding resources.

When will we receive the money that is raised through J-Kick?

Your project will receive funds if it reaches “tipping point:” two-thirds of your fund-raising goal. For a project that reaches tipping point, donors’ credit cards will be charged within ten business days of the project’s close, and the full amount of the funds will be available to your organization within three weeks of the project's close. If your project does not reach tipping point, it will not receive any funds.

How long are projects listed on J-Kick?

Projects are listed for 60 days.

Are contributions tax-deductible?

Yes, contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by Federal or state law. Contributions are 100 percent tax-deductible if there are no “perks” received in conjunction with the gift. If you provide perks to donors, the tax-deductible amount will depend on the perk’s value. Please consult your accountant or tax attorney for details. Because JFGS never touches funds raised through J-Kick, it is up to the fundraising organization to issue tax-receipts. You can request a copy of a tax-receipt letter template from JFGS that has been set up to merge with data downloaded from your J-Kick® admin portal.

What happens to donor data that is submitted to J-Kick?

Donors who give to your J-Kick campaign will be asked for their name, email and postal address at check-out. This data is available for you to download as an Excel or CSV document through your J-Kick admin portal. JFGS will also receive this data and will use it to communicate with J-Kick donors who opt in and to market the site.

How do I know the status of my project?

You can check the status of your project anytime by logging in to your account on J-Kick. In your admin portal, you will be able to see where your project is in the eligibility check and also make changes to your project, such as uploading additional media or adding perks. You will also receive emails from J-Kick alerting you to milestones, such as publication status and listing expiration. You will receive an email each time someone donates to your campaign.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my project?

Please contact Aimee Finn at 206 774-2217 or jkick@jewishinseattle.org if you have a question about your project or the J-Kick platform.